Canada Immigration Dream – How to Make it Possible?

Canada is a beautiful place and people are even friendlier and nicer with new people coming to their county. Every second person dream of migrating to such a platonic place for a better standard of living, however, only a few get the opportunity to actually live and work in the country.

Why is that so? It is not at all hard migrating to Canada as its permanent resident provided you are well aware of the rules, procedures, policies and what not! With a plethora of opportunities for you to explore in terms of picturesque locations, work opportunities and living standards in Canada; come and apply for Canada Immigration.

So, does that make you excited enough to apply for Canada Immigration but you are not sure how to do it? Whether you want to make Canada your temporary or permanent home, it is important to know about the important information related to Canada Immigration.

This article will help you in resolving your biggest question and that is how do you immigrate to Canada?

First of all please note that Canada Immigration has three main categories for the migrants to consider:

Permanent Residence
Work Permit
Study Visas
It depends upon your personal preference under which category you are planning to move and for what purpose. The young, skilled and dynamic people prefer applying for permanent residents of Canada.

The majority of applicants apply through Permanent Residency Programs and specifically ‘Canada Express Entry’

Introduction to Canada Express Entry !

Well, Canada is in need of skilled and qualified workers and that is why the government decision of introducing the online method of inviting foreign workers to contribute towards their effervescent economy. The Express Entry is managed under three economic immigration programs namely:

Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trade Program
Canadian Experience Class
Federal Skilled Worker Program is for foreign skilled and qualified workers who are eager to start their new life in Canada on a permanent basis. A point based system is followed where an applicant must score certain points to become eligible for Canada Immigration.
Federal Skilled Trade Program is for the workers who are seeking trade job opportunities in the country on a permanent basis.
Canadian Experience Class, on the other hand, is for skilled and qualified workers already working and residing in the country for at least one year.
How do you know the Canada Immigration Eligibility requirements?

Assuming you are applying for skilled migration visa categories than in such a case you first check the visa category in which you intend to apply.

To apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program you must:

You must be under 45 years of age
Your occupation must be listed on the CIC website along with relevant NOC code
Must score desired language score for Express Entry
Positive Educational Credential Assessment Report
Must meet character and health requirements
After meeting the Canada Immigration eligibility requirements, create an express entry profile and mention key credentials like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability, and adaptability factors. A minimum of 67 points out of 100 on Canada point Assessment Grid on the above said factors for applying Canada PR.

Check your score using express entry point calculator

In the next stage, you will be automatically placed in the express entry along with other eligible applicants in the express entry pool. Here, the applicants are given the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score on the basis of their profile. The highest ranking applicants are then invited to apply by the Canadian Government.

Regular Canada Express Entry Draw is conducted through which highest ranking applicant are invited to apply for Canada Express Entry. Are you aware that Express Entry draw was conducted at CRS 470 and above?

This means you must have high immigration points to become considerable for Canada Express Entry. canada pr process

How much Canada Immigration processing time takes?

Express Entry has by far the shortest and fastest Canada Immigration processing time of 6 months! Yes, you heard it right if all process and requirements go as per the immigration department requirements then you can have Canada PR within 6 months!


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European Court of Justice Impact on Gambling Industry

Due to the fact that the European Union is an economic and political association, the legal framework operating in the territory of its member states must comply with EU law. The CJEU series of court decisions provides guidance on the interpretation of fundamental rights, freedoms and obligations in relation to the domestic online gambling market. Thus, national courts have the opportunity to measure the degree of severity of restrictive measures in the gambling industry. In other words, CJEU defines a vector that determines whether certain requirements for gambling operators are justified, and also forms an understanding of common goals in the development of gambling.

The CJEU defined the implementation of cross-border gambling services as an economic activity that is part of the scope of fundamental freedoms contemplated by the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU). It is worth noting that Article 56 of the TFEU provides for a ban on restricting the freedom to provide services to users in EU countries. In this context, an important aspect is the lack of obligations related to the mutual recognition of the licensing of gambling operators. Accordingly, the license is valid for work in the country in which it was issued – the authorities are not required to reckon with the permission granted by the gambling regulator of another country.

CJEU in its activities in relation to the gambling market proceeds from the need to restrict the industry from providing certain services in order to protect public interests, the rights of minors, gambling addicts, as well as to combat money laundering.

In addition, EU member states must demonstrate that their chosen course regarding the development of the gaming industry is consistent and effective in preserving public interests. gclub

The decision was made by the sixth chamber of the CJEU on February 28, 2018. The main subject of table intervention is the need for interpretation of Article 4 of the European Union Treaty, Articles 56 of the TFEU, as well as Articles 41, 47 and 48 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.

The request was sent as part of a proceeding between Sporting Odds Ltd and the Central Office of the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary. The subject of the dispute was a fine on the company in the amount of 3.5 million Hungarian forints. The penalty was imposed due to the provision of online gambling services without special permission from the jurisdiction.

Hungarian law establishes the need for special permission to provide online gambling services. At the same time, Sporting Odds Ltd is a British company that operates on the basis of a license issued by the UK gambling regulator.

The trial court did not make an unambiguous decision either as to whether the company had the opportunity to participate in the tender established by law, or whether its actions could be called systematic. Due to the insolvency of the local court, the case was redirected to CJEU. He decided that the restriction on the work of gambling operators in Hungary, in particular the monopolistic nature of some segments of the gambling business, is not an effective solution to achieve the goals stated in the general description of the work of the court.


Simple Guide to Choosing Reliable Online Casinos

There are many methods that people can use to make quick money. Gambling has been known for years to be a reliable option for people who love gambling. However, it is UFABET important to understand that the amount of money that one makes is determined by his competence in a game as well as the type of online casinos that he participates in. The latter has a bigger impact and hence the need to choose it meticulously. The consideration of the following aspects could be of great help in choosing a good casino.

Games Variety

The first consideration that one has to make is to counter the variety of games that the casino has. This is the key to making a considerable amount of money in gambling. The best casino to go with is that which offers games that one is good at. This will help gain a better hand in gambling. Additionally, the availability of a wide range of games saves on time when one wishes to try out a new game.

Customer Support

When a problem arises, the player should be able to turn to a reliable individual to help resolve it. This is what calls for the need of a reliable customer support service on online casinos. Mistakes are inevitable and it is up to the player to choose casinos that are more reliable when it comes to that. The best way to counter the nature of support service offered is by looking at the contact details of the target casino and looking at clients’ reviews. The worst thing that one can ever do is to enroll to a casino associated with poor customer support; exploitation is prevalent.


The goal of getting into the casinos online is to make money. This means that one has to choose the most favorable casino that gives a better hand in. To counter this aspect, the players are advised to look at the bonuses provided. To encourage players to play more, most of the online casinos offer free bonuses that helps one make more money with little investment. Additionally, it is important that one takes time to counter the number of bonuses that are required for one to make good money.


Reputation of a given casino is the most commonly overlooked aspect when it comes to gambling. Some people tend to overlook the fact that not every promising casino is reliable. To be on the safe side, the players are highly advised to always counter the reputation garnered by a given casino. One has to know what other people think about. With this consideration, one is able to avoid becoming a victim of exploitation in online casinos.


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