CISSP Certification Questions and Answers

Getting a job in any branch of IT is lucrative and beneficial. Most individuals prefer a job in the IT industry because it is profitable. We are witnessing rapid growth in every sector of IT, and it is set to grow constantly for the next few years. Cybersecurity is one of the key areas of IT and is gaining momentum. But why is cybersecurity so popular? The main reason behind the spike in popularity of cybersecurity is an increase in the rate of cybercrimes. To tackle cybercrimes, you need solid cybersecurity frameworks. 

It is the reason why cybersecurity has become a profitable industry. It is witnessing phenomenal growth, and you will benefit from it. Most of the companies have allocated massive funds for improving their cybersecurity framework. The funds are also reserved for cybersecurity experts. Research shows that by the next year, the world will spend nearly $3 trillion on cybersecurity. That is a mindboggling number and should convince you to harness the massive potential of cybersecurity.

The CISSP certification exam

To get a job as a cybersecurity professional, you need a certification. The certification would validate your skills as a security professional. If you want to get a job in a prominent organization, you need to get certified first. The CISSP certification is beneficial for a cybersecurity professional because it is accepted worldwide. You will find many jobs after you complete the certification process. You need to pass the CISSP exam to get certified. It is a rigorous exam, and you need to prepare well for it. You can face a lot of challenges during the exam. The cost of the examination is $600, including the certification process. 

The exam pattern consists of 150 questions. You need to answer those questions within 6 hours. It might seem simple, but there are lots of complications involved in the process. Rigorous hard work is required to pass the examination. You have to understand the basic requirements of the exam, and for that, you need to go through the syllabus. Acquaint yourself with the various topics of the exam and start studying for them. You need to read for at least 50-60 hours to pass the CISSP exam. The huge number suggests that you have to read regularly and with care and devotion. Prepare a workable timetable and don’t shift from it.

Other than that, you need to practice a lot of questions to acquaint yourself with the exam pattern. Follow online sample tests or solve the questions given in study guides. You can choose any of the options to prepare well for the CISSP exam.

What are some examples of CISSP certification exam questions?

Solving questions will make you more acquainted with the exam pattern. There are many online sites that provide sample questions. You can go for mock tests to get familiar with the types of questions. 

Here are some sample questions and answers regarding the CISSP exam that will help you.

  • Describe the relationship between CobiT and ITIL.

Answer: CobiT is a set of guidelines defining IT goals. On the other hand, ITIL is a series of steps that you need to follow to achieve the IT goals. 

  • What is a directory service?

Answer: A directory service assigns a specific name to objects in the CISSP database and defines their objectives. It will define the goals that are required for the efficient management of IT and IT maps. They have specific roles and are shaped according to the company’s needs and requirements. 

  • Your manager has tasked you with researching a detection system for a new dispatching system. You identify the top five and compare their ratings. Which criteria will you use the most?

Answer: Common criteria. The common criteria would be useful in the above situation because it combines the strengths of TCSEC and ITSEC. It is recognized globally and will help you understand the different meanings of evaluation systems. 

  • Mr. X has to install doors that provide protection. He has to install the doors for safety, security, and soft protection. What is the characteristic of the secure door type?

Answer: A door having a fail-soft protection property will determine the sensitivity of the area. 

These were a few sample questions that will help you prepare for the exams. You need to solve a lot of practice questions to get acquainted with the exam pattern. 

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