Canada Immigration Dream – How to Make it Possible?

Canada is a beautiful place and people are even friendlier and nicer with new people coming to their county. Every second person dream of migrating to such a platonic place for a better standard of living, however, only a few get the opportunity to actually live and work in the country.

Why is that so? It is not at all hard migrating to Canada as its permanent resident provided you are well aware of the rules, procedures, policies and what not! With a plethora of opportunities for you to explore in terms of picturesque locations, work opportunities and living standards in Canada; come and apply for Canada Immigration.

So, does that make you excited enough to apply for Canada Immigration but you are not sure how to do it? Whether you want to make Canada your temporary or permanent home, it is important to know about the important information related to Canada Immigration.

This article will help you in resolving your biggest question and that is how do you immigrate to Canada?

First of all please note that Canada Immigration has three main categories for the migrants to consider:

Permanent Residence
Work Permit
Study Visas
It depends upon your personal preference under which category you are planning to move and for what purpose. The young, skilled and dynamic people prefer applying for permanent residents of Canada.

The majority of applicants apply through Permanent Residency Programs and specifically ‘Canada Express Entry’

Introduction to Canada Express Entry !

Well, Canada is in need of skilled and qualified workers and that is why the government decision of introducing the online method of inviting foreign workers to contribute towards their effervescent economy. The Express Entry is managed under three economic immigration programs namely:

Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trade Program
Canadian Experience Class
Federal Skilled Worker Program is for foreign skilled and qualified workers who are eager to start their new life in Canada on a permanent basis. A point based system is followed where an applicant must score certain points to become eligible for Canada Immigration.
Federal Skilled Trade Program is for the workers who are seeking trade job opportunities in the country on a permanent basis.
Canadian Experience Class, on the other hand, is for skilled and qualified workers already working and residing in the country for at least one year.
How do you know the Canada Immigration Eligibility requirements?

Assuming you are applying for skilled migration visa categories than in such a case you first check the visa category in which you intend to apply.

To apply for the Federal Skilled Worker Program you must:

You must be under 45 years of age
Your occupation must be listed on the CIC website along with relevant NOC code
Must score desired language score for Express Entry
Positive Educational Credential Assessment Report
Must meet character and health requirements
After meeting the Canada Immigration eligibility requirements, create an express entry profile and mention key credentials like age, educational qualification, work experience, language ability, and adaptability factors. A minimum of 67 points out of 100 on Canada point Assessment Grid on the above said factors for applying Canada PR.

Check your score using express entry point calculator

In the next stage, you will be automatically placed in the express entry along with other eligible applicants in the express entry pool. Here, the applicants are given the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score on the basis of their profile. The highest ranking applicants are then invited to apply by the Canadian Government.

Regular Canada Express Entry Draw is conducted through which highest ranking applicant are invited to apply for Canada Express Entry. Are you aware that Express Entry draw was conducted at CRS 470 and above?

This means you must have high immigration points to become considerable for Canada Express Entry. canada pr process

How much Canada Immigration processing time takes?

Express Entry has by far the shortest and fastest Canada Immigration processing time of 6 months! Yes, you heard it right if all process and requirements go as per the immigration department requirements then you can have Canada PR within 6 months!

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